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Technology Solutions

For the Oil & Gas Industry

One of the most essential keys to any oil or gas project lies in the successful deployment of cutting-edge technology. At Penterra Services, we stay in touch with evolving technology and its applications for facilitating land services for your next venture. Our staff of highly skilled landmen possess the technical prowess necessary to produce clear presentations, detailed reports, and cutting-edge, information-rich maps.

Mapping for Oil & Gas Projects

Utilizing the latest in ArcGIS and AutoCAD mapping and design technology, we can provide your project with maps and diagrams that include a variety of prospect information, such as mineral/surface ownership, lease status, leasehold ownership, rental payment schedules, unit/pooling data, surface restrictions, and existing pipeline features. We can also import your geophysical and geological data on land maps to provide exacting correlations between the two fields.

These easy-to-navigate maps offer enhanced reporting and analysis features to help you in the comprehensive planning, administration and management of your prospects. With our focus on exceeding client expectations, our mapping technicians provide you with unrivaled flexibility and prompt turnaround in order to timely reflect changing prospect status and adjustments. Penterra Services’ mapping is also equipped with state-of-the-art plotting services. If needed, we can promptly provide current map plots for presentations and meetings.

Data Retreival for Oil & Gas Projects

Detailed, accurate reports are the life’s blood of oil and gas ventures. With our cutting-edge data retrieval systems, we can compile vast amounts of title, mineral, conservation, and other site-based research along with budgetary and logistical information to generate precise reports and presentations. Data is stored in a secured, centralized location to safeguard, and for reference and dissemination to all personnel working on your prospect. This information is also available to you real time via this website or other safe online data storage site, if desired. Rendered in easy-to-navigate digital formats, you can access these reports at any time, whether you’re in a conference room or working on site. Instant access to vital information allows you to make the kinds of quick decisions that can result in the successful progression of your project.

Penterra’s personnel are also accustomed to common web-enabled database and land management software programs such as iLandman and TotaLand Technologies.

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