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Comprehensive Land Services

For the Oil & Gas Industry

At Penterra Services, we are dedicated to providing our clients with the most comprehensive land services available. The following list reflects what we can skillfully accomplish to drive you project through full development as quickly and profitably as possible:

Negotiation and Acquisition Services Including:

  • Seismic Permit and Option Acquisition
  • Oil and Gas Lease Acquisition
  • Right-of-Way Acquisition
  • Surface Lease Acquisition
  • Damage Release and Settlement Acquisition
  • Land, Mineral and Royalty Acquisition
  • Leasehold Acquisition

Research Services Including:

  • Concise Title Review for Lease Checks
  • Drilling, Production, Unit/Pooling and other Conservation Research
  • State, State Agency, Federal and Indian Lands Research
  • Surface and Mineral Title Research for Acquisitions
  • Complete Title Research from Sovereignty for Abstract/Runsheet Compilation and Presentation
  • Interested Parties List Research
  • Due Diligence Research (Field and In-house)
  • Division Order Compilation
  • Working Interest and Net Revenue Interest Research
  • Emergency Preparedness Research

How Can Penterra Help You?

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