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Additional Research & Solutions

For the Oil & Gas Industry

Title Abstracts

In the rapidly paced real estate market, lenders and title attorneys must have dependable and expeditious title services. Penterra Services provides affordable, prompt, and accurate titles suitable for proper real estate title assessments and timely closings. We pride ourselves on our ability to adapt to each client’s unique needs, adjusting our research criteria and reporting methods to the individual demands of each client.

Tax Sales Services

Penterra Services has extensive, practical experience with assisting those entities engaged in the tax sale processes. We realize statutes governing property tax sale proceedings are complex and cumbersome. This can make it very difficult for our clients to conduct the research and due diligence necessary to meet these statutory requirements in a timely and affordable manner. Penterra Services has the personnel and infrastructure in place to accommodate the tasks of conducting public records review and providing the interested party research required for public notice. Penterra has the ability to process thousands of tax sale properties for proper public notice in a matter of a few weeks.

Alternative Energy Solutions

With the emergence of solar and wind power, there are unique obstacles that have to addressed, particularly the footprint left from solar/wind farms and utilities. Penterra has adapted its negotiation abilities to address these and other concerns to reach common agreement between the parties. Our staff can assist alternative energy with title needs, surface lease and right-of-way acquisitions.

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