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Industry Associations


Established in 1956, the American Association of Professional Landmen is a professional organization that unites approximately 17,000 landmen and land-related persons through professional development and service. AAPL serves as the voice of the landman profession and continually seeks to foster industry cooperation through proactive legislative advocacy.


The Lafayette Association of Professional Landmen represents Landmen and those associated with Professional land work, primarily in South Louisiana. Landmen provide a wide variety of land and mineral related support services to the petroleum industry and other business sectors.


The purpose of the ALTAPL shall be to serve as an unincorporated professional organization for men and women engaged for pecuniary gain or profit, but to inspire and maintain a high standard of professional conduct according to a Code of Ethics, to recognition and improved standing for the Landman in the industry and in the community, to provide and promote the furtherance of education and educational opportunities for the personal professional development of all members of the Association, as well as for selected scholarship recipients, if any, and to encourage and promote involvement in local, state, and national issues which affect the mineral and energy industries.


The Houston Association of Professional Landmen (HAPL) is a non-profit, professional organization founded in 1946 for the purpose of: promoting the landman profession, arranging and coordinating educational and social events for members and contributing to social needs of the Houston community. We number approximately 1700 active members located primarily in the Houston, Texas area. Our members represent oil and gas businesses ranging from very large oil companies to the independent landmen.


The economic, legal, and managerial missions of the Kansas Corporation Commission are to protect the public interest through impartial, efficient, and transparent resolution of all jurisdictional issues; and by participating in other forums and tribunals where articulated state policy objectives are at issue. The agency shall: regulate rates, services and safety of public utilities, common carriers, and motor carriers; regulate oil and gas production by protecting correlative rights, environmental resources, and energy storage; and promote energy-related programs.


Currently OCAPL has about 1532 members. Monthly meetings are held the first Monday of each month September through April. OCAPL heralds several special events each year and prides themselves in the educational programs made available to the members. Applications for membership can be downloaded from the OCAPL web site.

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The Commission is a regulatory agency for the State of Oklahoma with emphasis on the Fuel, Oil and Gas, Public Utilities, and Transportation Industries


TREC exists to protect and serve the citizens of Texas. The Commission’s programs of education, licensing and industry regulation ensure that real estate service providers are honest, trustworthy and competent.