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Welcome to Penterra Services LLC your source for comprehensive land services and solutions. Since 2008, the Penterra team has provided the oil and gas industry with adept project coordination and the skilled, professional landmen needed to cultivate conventional and unconventional prospects from infancy through full development.

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  • Dedicated to Exceeding Your Expectations

    With Penterra Services, you can feel confident that we will undertake every aspect of land work with an eye toward accuracy, thoroughness, professionalism, discretion, and promoting a positive image within the industry and community. We commit our passion and skill to driving your venture forward while exceeding your expectations.

  • Land Services Tailored to Fit Your Needs

    The success of your venture depends on the ability of everyone involved to adapt to the unique and rapidly changing needs entailed in every prospect, small or large. At Penterra, our adaptability is one of our greatest strengths. Whether we need to change our lease negotiation approach to reach a mutually beneficial agreement or we need to present a report or map in a special format that works better for your team, we will provide you with the very best customized services and solutions possible.

  • Responsible Business Principles

    Understanding that Penterra is, in many respects, a representation of your company, we strive to perform all tasks appointed to us responsibly, expertly, confidentially, and with the utmost respect for all parties. We seek to develop positive relationships with our clients, fellow landman, land owners, the community at large, and all others engaged in the ventures undertaken. Penterra recognizes that our business practices are an extension of your business practices, with the reputation of all is in the balance.

    Penterra also understands that all ventures carry professional risks and general liabilities. Therefore, Penterra responsibly maintains the insurance policies necessary to protect its employees, contractors, and client exposure. We continuously maintain satisfactory levels of Commercial General Liability, Excess Liability, Hired and Non-owned Auto Liability, Worker’s Compensation Insurances, meeting and exceeding client requirements. Additionally, Penterra maintains Professional Liability (Errors and Omissions) Coverage.

Penterra Services Management Team

Since 2008, Penterra Services has offered comprehensive land services to the oil and gas industry throughout the United States with approximately 200 contract land service professionals. The Penterra Services management team boasts nearly 75 years of combined landman experience and every member offers a unique skill set and special expertise to help meet your project management needs.

David L. Dauterive, CPL
Owner / Manager

Mark W. Lipari
Owner / Manager

Kyle Nevels
Managing Partner

John Schieber

Justin Shannonhouse
Land Manager / Business Development

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